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The famous (?) sponsored beard-shave!

On Easter Monday 1999 I had my beard shaved off at 'The Goats Gate' pub as part of the Holts Brewery charity fund-raiser for Christie Hospital... I had quite a few sponsors, and Holts Brewery doubled the amount raised...

The Railway Hotel, Mill Lane, Heatley

These pictures were taken in March 2000 at the Railway Folk Club.

Don and Heather Davies, with Rick Nelson at the back on bass, and me on banjo, were providing the support for our guest, Isla St. Clair (who can just about be seen on the upper left of the second picture).

We usually 'do our own thing' - just on odd occasions 'for a bit of a change' we play together as a band.

Saturday September 23rd. 2000 at the Railway - here's me doing 'warm-up' spot for Martin Carthy (visible behind me, along with Les Barker). I forgot my capo, so Martin lent me his...

The last song (The Titanic!) before Carthy went on - it went down well...

 Mixing the sound for Martin Carthy - that cheese butty was good!

...and here are Sam Dale (middle) and Andy Stanley scraping away at their fiddles, with me doing my best to put them off. It's great to have young talent on the same night as a living legend (Martin Carthy).

At home....

My downstairs middle room used to be my workroom; I've now shifted the clutter up into the front bedroom... eventually it will become a computer museum, as I've dozens of old machines, some in working order, some for spare parts. Donations always welcome!

The next picture is not very pleasant...

I include it for many reasons, which I won't go into here.

Not a pretty sight!!

This photograph is evidence of the horrors of Paroxetine, an 'antidepressant'. Although it may suit some people, it was one of the worst experiences of my life. I was prescribed this nasty chemical when I had a breakdown in August 1999. The side effects were so bad that I became a completely different person; I finally stopped using it in May 2000. 
Now I am using
St. John's Wort, a herbal alternative, and slowly getting my life back...

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