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Here I am shortly after passing my driving test. The car, a Hillman Super Minx 1725, was new in 1966 and I passed my test in it in June the following year.

When at De La Salle college (between 1967 and 1970) I was a member of the Gilbert and Sullivan society.

In 1967 I played 'Cyril' in 'Princess Ida', stayed in the chorus for 'Pirates of Penzance' in 1968, and played 'Marco' in 'The Gondoliers' in 1969.

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In this photograph of 'Haywain' I'd be in my early thirties. The photo was probably taken around 1978, in the school hall of the County Grammar in Bolton. Roland Higson, our caller, was one of the staff at the school, Reg Hardman (our drummer), his wife May (accordion player), and their son Reg (fiddle and melodeon) were the other members.

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