The First MudCat UK Gathering


October 13th-15th 2000
The first UK Mudcat Gathering at Llanfair Caereinion


Group photograph


...and another!

From the back (left to right):
Bill Sables, Llanfair, Jon Freeman, Bernard, Mark (KingB's SO), Sam Pirt, Gomez, Skipjack, TerryK.
Linda Matson, Patrish, KingBrilliant, Catrin, Noreen, Morticia, Eric the Viking, Micca.
In front: Amoret (KingB's daughter)

(or maybe this is clearer?)


The Ceilidh
Photo 1


The Ceilidh
Photo 2


The Ceilidh
Photo 3


The Ceilidh
Photo 4


The Ceilidh
Photo 5


Catrin giving it her all at the Red Lion!
Micca seems totally oblivious!
Nobody ever claimed that glass of orange juice...


The back of Jon's head - Noreen deep in thought(?), and Phoebe...


Why aye! Bill in full voice!


Patrish and Bron


Jon Freeman


Pippins B&B - great!

The road home...

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